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Online marketing trends in 2009

The future for on-line is not as bright as the future for the food industry, but still one of the best industries still standing.

The crisis will have an effect on most of the international economy and balance of money, but the on-line will always be affordable, controllable, faster on results that all the other environments put together.

The trends will be on Pay per Click campaigns and even more on Pay per Action campaigns. Companies like to pay to make money. Hell! I like to pay to make money.

If you have a product that you sell with 100 Euros and the average form / click rate is 9 % and you make 100 clicks per day and the closing rate is 25%, you can even bid 1 Euro per click and in the end every day you generate profit for a day in advance for marketing.

Imagine what if you could pay 10 Euros per action and had a closing rate of 30 % than you could get even more than with the Pay per Click campaign.

To put that in English, in the first situation 100 visitors x 9% (forms) x 25% (closing) x 100 Euro (price per product) – 100 Euro (100 clicks x 1 Euro/click – the campaign budget) = 125 Euro win for every 100 Euro spent. In the second situation 9 (completed actions – forms) x 30 % (closing) x 100 Euro (price per product) – 90 Euro (campagin budget) = 180 Euros win for every 90 euro spent.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

So Pay per Action / Per per Click and performance will be the new trends of on-line marketing in 2009.

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